XMP Worldwide Filmmaking Currency

XMP will be a complete filmmaking management platform that simplifies production transactions and business operations for studios, corporations, filmmakers, investors and strategic alliance partners. The XMP platform will provide efficient solutions for tedious shortcomings currently experienced within film and online video productions. XMP will be a positive inclusion to the entertainment business.

Film Industry Shortcomings

  • Legal and accounting costs in filmmaking
  • Complex film financing structures
  • Costly and timely banking and international transaction fees
  • Barriers to entry with co-production treaties and co-financing
  • Security issues with current transactions over the internet, streaming and piracy of film content

XMP Platform Solutions

  • Build a shared decentralized film making platform and member’s portal with utilities in legal, accounting and finance administration for film production.
  • Integrate one global filmmaking currency with secure and quick transactions.
  • Provide extended contracts and smart contracts to streamline current filmmaking legal processes.
  • Restructure traditional filmmaking accounting processes.
  • Develop strategic alliances globally to connect XMP token holders with producers, directors, productions companies, post production houses, investors and film crew in order to facilitate film production requirements.
  • Streamline film finance structures and co-production strategies for investors, governments, companies and filmmakers internationally.
  • Scale back traditional filmmaking banking costs, currency exchange expenses, company, trust and offshore structures.
  • Provide investor and financial management tools for producing film projects, online videos, wealth creation and trading.
  • Allow XMP users to upload film projects for investment opportunities.
  • Adopt security measures to ensure safer transactions, more efficient streaming and distribution of film content and utilize blockchain technology, that is resistant to duplication, to create a future in which film content is not subject to piracy.

Platform overview

XMP Payment Gateway

Soft Cap Platform Budget

XMP Token in market

  • Maximum token supply 1.2 Billion without capital

  • 1 XMP token USD $0.07

  • Minimum token Investment 1 ETHER

Accepted currency to purchase XMP

  • BTC
  • ETH



    One off 30 percent air drop bonus on investment

    September 18th to November 5th


    One off 20 percent air drop bonus on investment.

    November 6th to November 25th


    One off 10 percent air drop bonus on investment

    November 26th to December 15th

XMP RoadMap

  • Stage 1

    Quarter 1 - January 2018

  • Stage 2

    Quarter 2 - April 2018

  • Stage 3

    Quarter 3 - July 2018

  • Stage 4

    Quarter 4 - October 2018

  • Stage 5

    Quarter 5 - January 2019

  • Stage 6

    Quarter 6 - April 2019

  • Stage 7

    Quarter 7 – July 2019

XMP Team

James Vegter


Experience: Actor / Writer / Filmmaker / Entrepreneur / Production Company Owner

Anthony Sharpe

IT Solutions and Integrations Manager

Experience: Actor / Filmmaker / Musician / IT Business Owner/ Website Developer

Kurt Falkenstein

Legalities and Smart Contracts Project Manager

Experience: IT Start-up Lawyer / Co-working Owner / General Standards Owner

Xavier Pallot

Accounting and Finance Project Manager

Experience: CPA / Corporate Accounting / Public Practice Accounting / Film Production Accounting

Nick Farnell

International Relations

Experience: 20 Years International Actor / Producer

Asta Solutions

Blockchain Application Developers

Developers of custom applications using blockchain technology. astasolutions

Copyright Bank

Copyright Registration and Verification Platform

Intellectual Property Rights Protection / Intellectual Asset Management / Software Development /Powered by NEM Blockchain

Summit Point Ltd

Chief Financial Officers

Summit Point Ltd is an international group of investment bankers, partners and entrepreneurs.

XMP Advisors

Christian Georgiadis

Multimedia Advisor

Experience: Multimedia Design, Management, Strategy and Implementation / Entrepreneur / Film production and post production editor / Social media marketing.

Stacey Korp

Charity and Foundation Advisor

Experience: Administration Advisor/ Charity Event Organiser/ Humanitarian

Jeremy Morris

Branding Advisor

Experience: Brand Strategist/ Website Developer/ Online Marketing Manager

Jared Wells

ICO and Cryptocurrency Advisor

Experience: Cryptocurrency ICO Investor and Advisor

David Mcconnell

XMP Platform Advisor

Experience: TV producer director for 10 years

Kempton Clarke

Global Strategy Advisor

Sales Director & Certified Business Development & Optimisation Consultant

Alliance Partners

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